At Poppleton Road Primary School we take pride in nurturing, cherishing and inspiring everyone for today, tomorrow and the future. We value friendship, kindness, equality, safety, a sense of community, inclusion, enjoyment, happiness, individuality, respect and humour.


  • Creating a culture that enables pupils and staff to excel.
  • Providing skills to prepare you for the modern world.
  • Supporting your physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Educating you so that you can stay safe from the challenges of the modern world.
  • Promoting equality of opportunity and diversity.
  • Encouraging you to appreciate and respect the world around you.


  • Delivering a broad and balanced curriculum which inspires learning.
  • Recognising and celebrating all types of achievements.
  • Identifying and encouraging individual potential.
  • Encouraging risk taking in a safe, secure and positive environment.


  • Ensuring you have the skills and knowledge to make good choices about your own health and wellbeing.
  • Creating a culture of vigilance where safety and welfare are actively promoted.
  • Developing a sense of honesty and trust.
  • Developing resilience and confidence.
  • Supporting you to be the very best you can be.


  • Treating everyone as an equal.
  • Showing respect, tolerance and empathy for others.
  • Being valued and actively involved in the local and wider community.
  • Understanding that every role is important and valuable.
  • Listening to and acting on feedback when relevant.
  • Encouraging a two way interaction with our stakeholders.
  • Promoting successful communication with all stakeholders.