Poppleton Road Primary School is committed to promoting the welfare and equality of all its staff, pupils and other members of the school community. To achieve this, we have established the following objectives:

  • Monitor changes to the curriculum to ensure they result in good outcomes for pupils in all vulnerable groups, and to review the curriculum considering new performance measures
  • Offer appropriate qualifications in English for pupils in all vulnerable groups
  • Implement effective strategies to support pupils in all vulnerable groups following linear exam courses
  • Improve the quality of support for pupils in all vulnerable groups in the classroom
  • Continue to explore the use of new technologies to support pupils in all vulnerable groups in accessing their learning. With special investigation taking place regarding the use of technology in modern foreign languages, internal exams and group work
  • The school will regularly review the steps being taken and the progress made towards the achievement of these objectives and, in line with the specific duties of the PSED, publish this information on the school website every year. The school will update and publish its equality objectives at least every four years


Equality Information and Objectives

York’s Promise to Disadvantaged Pupils

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