Our intent is to have a curriculum that creates a culture where all children can achieve success and provides skills to prepare them for the modern world.

It promotes equity of opportunity and diversity and encourages children to appreciate and respect the world around them.

Our curriculum will support the physical and mental wellbeing so that children can stay safe from the challenges of the modern world.

At Poppleton Road, the knowledge and content outlined in the National Curriculum Programmes of Study have been carefully mapped out to ensure full coverage by the time children reach the end of Year 6. Our progression of skills and end points in each subject area ensure that we build upon the learning and skill development of the previous years.

Our school motto is learn today, live tomorrow. By delivering a broad and balanced curriculum which inspires learning we will recognise and celebrate all types and achievement. We will identify and encourage all individuals so we can meet their needs and help them fulfil their potential. Our curriculum will encourage risk taking in a safe, secure and positive environment underpinned by our ‘Children’s Passports’ which outline 20 experiences we want all children to experience before they leave Poppleton Road.

The impact of our curriculum will ensure that all children have the skills and knowledge to make good choices about health and well-being. It will also create a culture of vigilance where safety and welfare are actively promoted.

It develops resilient, independent and confident learners and always supports the children to be the best they can be.

The impact of our curriculum will ensure that children treat everyone as an equal. They show respect, tolerance and empathy for others. They are valued and actively involved in the world around them.

They understand that everyone has an important and valuable role and they will listen and act on feedback. They will understand and promote successful communication with everyone around them.