At Poppleton Road Primary School, we are incredibly fortunate to have such an amazing, diverse collection of books in our school library. We have fiction books from a range of genres, appropriate for different reading ages, as well as a great selection of non-fiction texts about a range of topics, including history, geography, art, cooking and science.

Bug Club

Every afternoon, during lunchtime, the library is open to children as a calm, quiet place to enjoy reading or to choose a new book to borrow and enjoy at home. There are also iPads available for them to practise on TT Rock Stars.

As well as a dedicated member of our teaching and learning team, children from Year 6 are in charge of lending and returning books via the library scanning system.

Stay and Read

We are immensely proud of our library and view it as a real asset to embedding a love of reading. As a way to encourage shared storytelling and reading for pleasure in our pupils, we love to welcome families to enjoy the space too. Once every half term, families are welcome to join us for a Stay and Read session in the library after school.

We hope that by visiting Stay and Read, families will become part of our reading community.

Our Library Zones

To make our library as user friendly and accessible as possible, we have several sorting systems to help you choose a book you will enjoy.

Fiction and non-fiction books are in separate areas and within those areas are different ways to find the right book for you.

There are baskets of books that are recommended for particular year groups; there are books that have been recommended by other children; there are books sorted by genre and books sorted alphabetically by author and there are picture books sorted by key themes.

These multiple systems help children find specific books that they are looking for and also to find books that are similar to things they have already read.

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