What is taught in Global Learning?

Global learning is an increasingly important priority within Primary Schools. In a rapidly changing world children are more exposed than ever before to global events, often via the internet, or through greater opportunities for foreign travel. It is vital that children are equipped with an open mind and the ability to understand the world around them. Global Learning equips young people with the essential knowledge, skills and attitudes required to realise their potential and make a positive contribution to the world. Global learning inspires children to become passionate about shaping a positive future.

When are specific skills taught in Global Learning?

Skills that are taught through Global Learning:

  • Social justice and equity
  • Globalisation and interdependence
  • Empathy and sense of common humanity
  • Social justice
  • Critical thinking
  • Ability to challenge injustice and inequalities

Within Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, Global Learning teaches children how to differentiate between right and wrong. It encourages them to take an interest in the wider world, formulate and express opinions, and to develop an enquiring mind about subjects not directly connected to themselves.

Within Key Stage 2, the children develop these skills further. Through a growing understanding of key events in the world, they learn to assess different points of view and nurture a sense of justice and their role as a global citizen.

How do we teach Global Learning?

At Poppleton Road we embed Global Learning within the ethos of the school forming a strong strand within our school community. Global learning is taught through assemblies, PSHE lessons, debate within English lessons, reading newspapers as well as through discreet teaching of global issues within RE, History and Geography. We also ensure Global Learning is at that the forefront of our education programme by reinforcing the importance of recycling and through initiatives such as the uniform swap shop.

Why do we teach Global Learning?

At Poppleton Road one of our big ideas is: to promote kindness as a standard way of communicating and to value one other, our community and our planet. Global learning reaches beyond the teaching of the National Curriculum and we believe it is a vital aspect to create well rounded and open minded citizens of the future.