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Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths Team Members:

Rose Marshall – Computing
Clare Gamble – Design Technology
Harriet Turner – Science
Michelle Moneypenny – Maths
Lauren Iveson – Sustainable Schools

Sustainable Schools

As we all become more aware of our daily and long term impacts we have on our planet it is important to educate our future generations on how we can reduce our negative impacts and help to live a more sustainable and ‘green’ life.


One of the major ways we are trying to reduce our impact is by recycling lots of plastic waste that isn’t currently recycled kerbside or at local shops. We send waste to a company called Terracycle, who turn our waste into furniture therefore preventing it from going straight to landfill or an incinerator.

Also, through collecting waste to be recycled we hope that our children, their families and members of our community become more aware of what they are using and consuming and will look to potentially make changes to lessen their waste.

It has been a massive success since we started in October 2018. We have stopped tons of plastic entering landfill and have also raised valuable funds for our school.

Thank you for your amazing support.

We currently accept:

– any crisps, biscuit, cracker, popcorn, nuts and pretzel plastic packages
– oral care (toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes/boxes, dental floss boxes, electric toothbrush heads)
– Pringles tubes and lids (no other brands)
– Plastic writing pens
– Kinder packaging (chocolate wrappers and plastic tubs from the eggs)
– Sweet and chocolate wrappers

TerraCycle Website