Welcome to our exciting curriculum page. We hope that you find this section interesting and that it gives you the opportunity to see all the wonderful things that we are doing throughout school.

Our Curriculum team was started in Jan 2015 and since then we have been meeting on a regular basis to celebrate and to raise the profile of Reading, Writing, Languages and performances throughout school.

Our School Vision and Aims

All of the work we do is linked to our whole school vision and aims. We work together to help promote English and Language skills across all of areas of learning.

Meet The Team

Mrs Dawson teaches in Year 2 and is the Deputy Headteacher. She is also the leader of English in our school.

Mrs Lyon teaches in Year 1. She is the leader of Phonics and Early Reading.

Mr Castro is the MFL teacher in school and also covers PPA time and works at the After School Club.

Miss Spencer is one of he Year 6 teachers in school. She is in charge of English as an Additional Language.

Mrs Burroughs is one of our Teaching Assistants. She does lots of wonderful work in our school library.

Reading Bingo Recommended Reads

How often can we visit the school library?

Children in KS1 and KS2 can visit our fabulous library EVERY DAY at playtime to borrow books to read, change books that have been read at home or to just sit and read in the library.

The library is stocked with 100’s of books – fiction, non-fiction, picture books and poetry books. It has soft and comfy places to sit if you want to spend your playtime reading or browsing the books.

The library can only work effectively if all books are returned or renewed after a couple of weeks. At the end of each half term, Mrs Burroughs and her hard working librarians will send out reminders to all children who have not returned their books for that half term before we can start borrowing them again.

Books are expensive so please try hard to look after them.

In addition to this we hold family library sessions after school every three weeks. A letter is sent out on a regular basis informing you of dates. Some of these sessions are themed events. We had a wonderful time reading Christmas/Winter books whilst having cups of tea and mince pies at our Christmas Library Event.

Our Wonderful Library

Flash Read 2015 The whole school read on the field for 20 minutes all together. It was brilliant!

Performance poetry day

On Friday 23rd October each class performed a poem of their choice, which was linked to a country of the Rugby World Cup, to the other classes within their phase. During the afternoon, the children listened to and watched some visiting performers entertain us with their favourite poems. These included York City FC!

Years 1 and 2 performing on Poetry Day

Years 3 and 4 performing their poems on Poetry Day

York City Football Club performed ‘The Commentator’ – a fantastic football poem that had us all rolling about with laughter.
Mrs Burroughs Snr (Matthew’s grandma) performed a selection of poems from her childhood.
Tom (Mrs Bannister’s brother) performed some funny – and slightly rude – poems that our children loved!
Mrs Goodwill (Dillon’s Mum) performed, off by heart, Jabberwocky.
Mr Bannister (and Harry Hill) performed by video link some entertaining poems.

Pupil Voice

We asked our children to tell us a little bit about what they knew and enjoyed about performance poetry.

Do you have a favourite poem that has been performed?

Luca Davis Y3 ” I love the York City Football one as it was very, very funny and creative.”

Nola Daniells Y2 ” Yes, I loved performing London Bride is falling down.”

Jackson SmitheyY1 ” I liked it when we performed Autumn Leaves. It was about the leaves falling down from the tree.”

Lexie Backhouse Y2 ” I like the poem we’re learning with Miss Boluda because you get to learn Spanish”

Noah Grice Y6 ” The best poem I have read is a poem that me and my friend Milo made up to perform. It was really funny!”

What have you learnt about poetry?

Eve Innes Y5 ” I have learnt that poetry is a fun way to rhyme and perform  on your own and with your friends!”

Isaac Goodall Y4 ” If you want to perform you must have a loud, slow and clear voice.”

Bracken Beckitt Y4 ” I have learnt that there are different types of poems. Some with facts and some that rhyme.”